The American Poultry Farmer currently direct mails 16,000+ commercial poultry farms in: LA, MS, GA, AR, AL, MO, OK, and IA. Our online edition is available to all poultry farmers.

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Direct Mail Circulation:
The American Poultry Farmer's direct mail circulation is 16,000+ farmers as of 2022. Our qualified list of poultry farms gives us the largest concentration of commercial poultry farmers in the industry, and the list is growing every day!

Why Advertise in a Magazine?
The American Poultry Farmer uses an advertising strategy that focuses on a unique target market, poultry farmers. Instead of marketing products or services to everyone, our strategy focuses exclusively on one group: commercial poultry farmers. As a company, we know that the proven way to speak to this demographic is in print. Due to bio-security, long work hours, and slow rural internet connection, our magazine is on the dashboard of every poultry farming truck in the Southeastern US!

The American Poultry Farmer understands that providing valuable information, at no cost to the farmer, is a great medium on which to inform the farmer of your particular product or service.