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The American Poultry Farmer magazine is delivered via email to over 16,000 commercial poultry farmers in: LA, MS, GA, AR, AL, MO, OK, and IA. 

Image by Bank Phrom

For Additional Information and Pricing:

The American Poultry Farmer's e-magazine is delivered to over 16,000+ farmers. Our qualified list of poultry farms gives us the largest concentration of commercial poultry farmers in the industry, and the list is growing every day!

Why Advertise in a Magazine?
The American Poultry Farmer uses an advertising strategy that focuses on a unique target market, poultry farmers. Instead of marketing products or services to everyone, our strategy focuses exclusively on one group: commercial poultry farmers. 

The American Poultry Farmer understands that providing valuable information, at no cost to the farmer, is a great medium on which to inform the farmer of your particular product or service.

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